Rebuilding the Rails IDE

Brief update on the IDE Rewrite: a couple of weeks later.

I must say, WinForms and C# rocks.

Previous scripting used IronRuby, but I shifted to C# – with PolySharp I can leverage the latest C#.

Philosophy: Shuttleworth – Confluence.

What’s the point?

1.) Projects leak information (people leave, things are forgotten) – capture details

2.) Surface data and processes to make it easier to find/diagnose code/data

Exploring the problem space, maybe an IDE solution, maybe a project management solution?

It’s up and running, using Visual Studio like docking, with integrated real time logging:

I managed to plugin the Monaco Editor (VS Code):

Using Scintella for Ruby, it’s easier to add custom modifications:

Here’s WSL responding to commands (not using redirect):

On the right hand side I have integrated Open AI GPT, which is answering my coding questions.

Coding along to a video or Udemy, YouTube etc:

Or a PDF document:

Scripting is now built in, integrating with commands and symbols, you can pipe and redirect ( > | )

And integrated with data:

Fully data integrated:

Ticketing with Kanban board:

Code Map:

Fully Searchable:

Rudimentary diff, using Google’s diff algorithm:

The hope is to facilitate discoverability.

Lot’s more to do, but it’s moving forwards.


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