FMX Resources

Language Reference Here are a list of resources to help a developer get started with FMX development. Some of the resources are free, others are links to books on Amazon. Please keep an eye on the Packtpub publisher’s website, they often have $5 specials, particularly around major holidays. The first resource you should download is […]

Gif Animation in Delphi FMX

Recently my wife asked me to help with an urgent request: a simple animation for a family dinner presentation. It was to be the last slide of the night, to cheer everyone up. She had two animated gifs, the first from Quentin Tarantino’s famous Pulp Fiction dance scene, and another of an unknown origin. The plan […]

Delphi Mobile – It’s all Components

Update: I recommend visiting Embarcadero’s new, more detailed, showcase page. Delphi Apps Delphi is an excellent tool for cross-platform development, using FMX you can target all major platforms from the same code base. Component based development is efficient, and enjoyable. With Delphi, you can build anything. Here are some awesome applications built with Delphi: KisKis […]

FMX Strings – Best Practices

In C the first character of an array begins at index zero (0), legacy strings were essentially an array of characters terminated by a null character. To determine the length of the string you would use the strlen function. The practice of indexing from zero is common to all languages based on the C syntax […]

Delphi Fmx (DFM) Objects Into Code

Introduction Recently I downloaded a Delphi project from GitHub, the beginning of a Trello clone. I found the application, although in very early stages, to be quite charming, and wanted to play around with it a little: The first thing I set out to do was to dynamically generate items, and it struck me that […]

FMX Tips & Tricks – FireUI and a Frame

Delphi has a really neat feature called multi-device preview. Essentially when you are building a mobile application in FMX you can see a preview on different device form factors whilst you are developing. This can save time as you don’t need to deploy to a physical device or emulator to verify your design. Whichever of […]

Delphi Community Edition (CE)

UPDATE 2: The Community Edition (CE) has been updated to 10.4.2 which is currently the latest version. However, it has the same miserable license and risks. You can download it here. UPDATE 1: You can only use the CE if your total gross income (from all sources) is less than $5k. For most people who […]

Delphi FMX Chess Game

This is a simple cross-platform implementation of a chess game I wrote in Delphi/FMX, supporting player vs player, and player vs a very weak computer engine. I took about three weeks to build, as I had just rediscovered Delphi after 10 years, and needed to pickup the language again, and the new FMX framework. Thankfully […]