Suppressing PMD Warnings in Java and Kotlin

Recently I was working on a project which had both Java and Kotlin classes, and used the PMD Source Code Analyzer. Occasionally, it was necessary to suppress a PMD warning, for example when you have a long line because of a code template. Suppressing warnings is slightly different for each language, and can be easy […]

Simple Annotation Processor

I recently needed to develop an annotation processor in Kotlin, posting here for future reference. This is the class level annotation: And here is the declaration of the annotation processor: Followed by the usual overrides: These fields keep track of what has been processed: The process method: identifies types to process, and extracts configuration information. […]

Kotlin is Funky!

A couple of years ago I took a quick look at Kotlin and came away with the impression that it felt like a band-aid over Java. Not much to see here. Recently, however, I had to use Kotlin to complete a coding challenge for a job application. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the […]